2 comments on “We’re All Just People

  1. i’ve actually never given this much thought since most of my friends don’t refer to me as their “gay” friend, but recently i’ve made a new friend who did refer to me as her gay friend. I wasn’t offended and didn’t think much of it until one of my friends asked me if i thought it was rude of her to introduce me that way. i have to agree that people should value a friend just because of their sexuality, but rather who they are as a person and what you value in them as a friend

    • I have a couple of friends who always introduce me as their “Gay friend.” I don’t find it OFFENSIVE. I wouldn’t even say rude. I just feel like they’re placing me in a different bracket from their friends based on my sexuality.

      Some people do it because they want to make it clear that they’re proud of you and what not. But sometimes it’s best not to be outed in the first 5 seconds of meeting someone. (Even if you’re already out.)

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