1. I think that anonymous group is retarded for calling for an Internet Blackout. Most of what we do on the Internet is public information anyhow like email addresses. It even says that is public records when you go to .gov websites. Why doesnt anyone want the government to find out what you are doing on websites? What is going on that is such a big secret? The government wants to fight terrorism and bullying. Is that something that people cant give up? I think that nobody should have the right to privacy on the Internet. That said, I am going back to play Torchlight lol Have fun when they pass the new law.

    • I don’t care if someone wants to go through everything of mine. However I do care that they are willing to throw away the fourth amendment. If they have a warrant and they use the system THEY put into place, fine. They might as well bug everyone’s house and record everything people do. Essentially this is a stepping stone for just that. They could easily fight terrorism and bullying if they would do their jobs and take the leads they get and go through the process they set on their own. However they won’t, so now they want to pass a bill where anyone can release any of your information. Including location, history, contact information, etc. Not only that but this will help corporations make money because they will be able to sell your info. I sure hope you don’t have credit cards on file anywhere. I’m sure plenty of people will have fun with this new law, including hackers. It’ll be be even more fun releasing people’s personal information as an example of what this bill will do.

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